Initially I imagine my stories as movies. Once the film is done, I start working on the book adaptation, because I love books, because it is a second life for my stories, because it is a new creation and because books have this tangible naked-eye hands-on essence that movies lack. After the enormous amount of work I put into the film comes another enormous amount of work. It never ends, I take full responsibility for it and I enjoy it. Usually, I write a "fictionalization" — as I see it — with some images, and I build-up the album. Contrary to what I do for movies, I somewhat follow guidelines (number of pages, of signs and illustrations) working for a target audience of children. This sector is very well defined in publishing, but I ignore it as much as I can in the movies… These books have been successful, and to my astonishment, over a million and a half copies have already been sold.