4 mn animated short film (1992)

"I am ugly, I am alone, I am bored".
In three seconds, everything will change...
This is a sequel to the "Cine Si" series (which would later become a feature film with the title "Princes and Princesses), going back to a simple vehicle which enables me to tell all the stories I like, while playing with little bits of paper, innocent tricks and real light. 
This short tale is a way to joke with my fixation about princes and princesses.
Trans Europe Film
World sales: Agence du Court Métrage (DCP, 35 mm) and Studio O (DVD)
French cultural network: Institut Français (Blu-Ray) and ifcinéma (download)
Technical data
Technique : silhouette animation
Image format: 1,33
Screening formats: DCP, Blu-Ray, DVD and 35 mm
Language: French
Subtitles: English, Spanish, Italian
Director: Michel Ocelot
Screenplay: Michel Ocelot
Animation: Georges Sifianos with Lionel Kerjean and Pascal Lemaire
Decors: Michel Ocelot, Inni Karine Melbye
Tracing: Jean-Christophe Barbier, Véronique Fillod, Myriam Gras, Carol Guenault, Frédérique Guichard, Frédérique Lecront, Bénédicte Serre
Camera: Christophe Bernard, Patrick Tallaron
Voices: Cyrille Artaux, Eric Bottom, Philippe Destre, Sophie Edmond, Pierre Jarillon, Patrice Leroy, Arlette Mirapeu
Editing: Michèle Péju
Sound breakdown: LoÏc Burkardt, Chantal Colibert
Original music score: Alain Marchal
Executive producer: Didier Brunner
Production assistant: Magali Honorat
Animation studio: Folimage-Valence
with the support of Centre National du Cinéma and Procirep
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