6 mn animated short film (1989)

This is indeed the story of Icarus, son of Dedalus, trapped in a labyrinth, but with a variation.
I have always liked this myth of the artist, who goes beyond limits and gets his wings burnt. I have always been fascinated by the art of Knossos. How I enjoyed playing with these elements...
La Fabrique
World sales: Agence du Court Métrage (35 mm)
Technical data
Techniques: silhouette animation
Image format: 1,33
Screening formats: 35 mm, DVD
Languages: French
Subtitles: English
Director: Michel Ocelot
Design: Michel Ocelot
Animation: Georges Sifianos with Bénédicte Galup and Lionel Kerjean
Original music score: Christian Maire
Recordings: Jean Taxis, SVO
Voices: Arlette Mirapeu, Philippe Cheytion, Yves Barsacq
Decors: Michel Ocelot, Richard Mithouard
Editing: Michèle Péju
Sound effects: Dominique Lemaire
Mixing: Jean-Claude Voyeux
Technical assistance: Jean-Paul Rossard, Christine Sirotti, Henry Gobaille
Animation studio: La Fabrique
with the support of Centre National du Cinéma
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