Animated TV series, 8 episodes of 12 mn (1989)

In a derelect cinema that seems abandonned, a boy, a girl and an old technician meet every night. They work on ideas, documentation, disguises and act any new story that takes their fancy.
• The Princess of Diamonds
• Icare
• The Fig Boy
• The Witch
• The Old Lady's Coat
• The Cruel Queen and the Fabulo Trainer
• One can't think of everything
• Prince and Princess
With Cine Si, I tried to square the circle. One one hand, I had to sell a TV series, a product I didn't want to make, because it is boring to do the same thing all the time. But there is a real market for TV series. On the other hand, it enabled me to shoot the short films I did want to make, but that had no market.
Here is the concept: three friends meet in an old cinema where they invent, gather information and dress up in costumes. This is a TV series, the same characters appear every night in the same decor. But once the friends are on stage, each story becomes one of my free-standing short films
TV channels were not convinced, and I only got the funds for 8 stories, when I had 20 ready to be shot. But it was an immense satisfaction to shoot this series, in the countryside, with very little means, a simplicity that is not conceivable today. It involved lots of ingenuity, a small team and constant pleasure.
ProductionLa Fabrique
This series is no longer available. 
6 out of the 8 episodes have been used to make up the feature film "Princes and Princesses". 
"Icare" is distributed by Agence du Court Métrage (35 mm).
  • Nominated for the CESARS with “The Princess of Diamonds”, Best Animated Short Film, Paris (France), 1989
  • Emile Reynaud Prize for "Prince and Princess”, National Animated Film Festival, Marly-le-Roi (France), 1989
  • Award for the best TV series' episode with "Prince and Princess”, International Animated Film Festival, Ottawa (Canada), 1990
  • Fipresci Prize for “The Old Lady's Coat”, International Animated Film Festival, Annecy (France), 1991

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