13 mn animated short film (2008)

"Azur & Asmar" was successful in Lebanon. An exemplary school teacher asked her pupils to write a sequel. It was a time when the children of Beirut risked their lives just going to school because of a wave of car bombs. What they wrote was a story of total and unconditional forgiveness. The teacher tried to forward the text to me, thinking she would never manage it and that, any way, I would not be interested. She was wrong: the text reached me, I was deeply moved, and I made this small unclassifiable film. It can only be understood after watching "Azur & Asmar"...

Nord-Ouest Films, coproduced with Studio O
This film is available on the DVD "The Hidden Treasures of Michel Ocelot".
Technical data
Technique: drawings
Format: 1,33
Screening format: DVD
Language: French
Subtitles: English
For the children of Beirut, Michel Ocelot directed the reunited team, and with Eric Serre and Xavier Riffault, made new drawings, with backgrounds by Anne-Lise Lourdelet-Koelher and Isabelle Ramnou.
For the children of Beirut, the original actors returned to do the voices, free of charge:
Azur: Cyril Mourali
Asmar: Karim M'Ribah
Jenane: Hiam Abbass
Crapoux: Patrick Timsit
The Djinn Fairy, the Elf Fairy: Thissa d'Avila Bensalah
The Father, Yadoa the wise: Olivier Claverie
Princess Chamsous-Sabah: Louise Rossignon
For the children of Beirut, the great musician from both sides of the Mediterranean, Gabriel Yared, agreed to compose the music, helped by Lewis Morisson.
For the children of Beirut, producer Christophe Rossignon, managed to find the means to make this work with Philip Boeffard, Eve Machuel, Julien Azoulay, Pierre Guyard, Pascal Pestel and Gilbert Henrique.
Michèle Péju edited the film,
Thomas Desjonquères mastered the sound effects and mixing,
Pierre Leonard translated the subtitles into English,
PostModerne mastered the video,
Hubert Caillard was legal adviser,
France Télévision Distribution, in charge of publishing the video, with the help of Jean-Paul Commin and Denis Rostein.
Good luck to the children of Beirut and to all the others.
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