7 mn animated short film (1982)

At the very top, an inaccessible princess.
At the very bottom, a hunchback who everyone despises.
Between them lie people with their selfishness, habits and petty-mindedness.
However, the hunchback has a secret that he is not aware of...
I shot "The Legend of the Poor Hunchback" after "The 3 Inventors". It is at the other end of the scale. "The 3 Inventors" required such intense work, dainty to an extreme. For the "Poor Hunchback", there was no animation, no coloring, no dialogue, no voice-over, no camera movement, and since there is no justice in this world, the film won a Cesar award for the best animated short film.
Once again, it is paper cut outs, but this cannot be seen. It looks like a 15th century wood engraving, when in fact I only used a felt-tip pen and white paper. Then, I greyed the drawing with charcoal and pastel, and inserted some light effects, by wiping it with a chammy cloth or an eraser. The characters are just laid onto the backgrounds. No animation, but a story. The story is always essential.
Productionaaa production
World sales: Agence du Court Métrage (DCP, 35 mm) et Studio O (DVD)
French cultural network: Institut Français (Blu-Ray) and ifcinéma (download)
Technical data
Technique: mixed
Image format: 1,33
Screening format: DCP, Blu-Ray, DVD and 35 mm
Language: no dialogue
Director: Michel Ocelot
Screenplay and graphic design: Michel Ocelot
Tracing-Poster painting: Polly Quincetre, Marie-Pierre Journet, Marc Gréa, Xavier Icardo
Sound effects: Joël Simon
Filming: Pierre Mialaret, Philippe Benoit
Music: Christian Maire
Clavier: Claire Pradel
Trumpet: Alain Faucher
Voices: Joël Simon, Muriel Simon, Michel Ocelot
Recording studio: O & B
Mixing: Jean-Claude Voyeux
Production Manager: Marcelle Ponti
  • CESAR award for the Best Animated Short Film, Paris (France), 1983
  • “Best of Annecy” tour, USA and Canada

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