Animated TV series, 13 episodes of 4 mn (1984)

Every night, a new prince performs wonders in the Princess' theatre, but she does not seem interested. Every prince wants to be the one who will induce a response from the Insensitive Princess, and marry her. The following princes parade before the Princess: the Submarine Prince, the Fireworks Prince, the Gardener Prince, the Sorcerer Prince, the Painter Prince, the Flying Prince, the Decorator Prince, the Pretending Prince, the Tamer Prince, the Transformations Prince, the Magician Prince, the Meteorologist Prince and the Schoolboy Prince...
This mini-series presents some distinctive features. It was an order for a children's television show —I had so few… This was the only time I specifically made a film for children. And there is no "baddie", which didn't make the task easier.
Productionaaa production
DistributionInstitut National de l'Audiovisuel (VOD) et Studio O (DVD)
Technical data
Techniques : mixed
Image format: 1,33
Screening format: DVD
Languages: French
Sub-titles: English
Director: Michel Ocelot
Screenplay and graphic design: Michel Ocelot
Animation: Gilles Burgard, Christian Davi, Marie-Pierre Journet, Jobst Müller
Music: Christian Maire
Editing: Michèle Péju
Mixing: Jean-Claude Voyeux
Sound effects: Joël Simon
Voices: Yves Arcanel, Karin Maire, Joël Péju, Michel Ocelot
With the support of the French Ministry of Culture
  • Audience Prize, Odense International Short Film Festival, Odense (Denmark), 1985
  • Short Film Jury Prize, International Festival, Bourg-en-Bresse (France), 1984

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