90 mn animated feature film (2012)

Once again, Kirikou's noble Grandfather tell us more of his grandson's untold adventures.
This time, the intrepid youngster helps the Big Woman to mislead Karaba, the fearsome sorceress.
He rescues the Old Grumbler, during a night to remember.
He deals with a Monster, who is everything but monstruous.
He makes the acquaintance of a fascinating character: the female Griot.
He discovers one of his Mother's beautiful secrets, and music...
I thought Kirikou was behind me after directing the second feature film with this character. But the public asked for more. I said no for a long time, but 7 years later, the same way as with the previous film, we released a new Kirikou. I must admit, once the decision was taken, that I enjoyed it. It is fascinating to go back 14 years, and feel that everything is as authentic as it was when we started, my dear characters speaking to me directly. The two Kirikou sequels have a special place in my work, I am not the only author. With "Kirikou and the Sorceress", I had said everything I wanted, and I felt myself at a loss to continue. A real sequel is impossible, because the Kirikou who is wanted is the small naked baby, and not the married man at the end of the initial story. So I needed some help and I sent a call for ideas, warning the authors that I would write the scenario and the dialogues myself (yes, I am Kirikou, and the only who knows what he does, thinks and says…).
Les Armateurs, co-produced with MacGuff Ligne, France 3 Cinéma and Studio O
World sales: StudioCanal
Technical data
Technique: CGI animation
Image format: 1,77
Screening formats: 35 mm and DCP (2D and 3D), DVD and Blu-Ray (2D and 3D)
Languages: French, Mandarin, Portuguese
Subtitles: English, Mandarin, Portuguese
Director: Michel Ocelot
Screenplay, dialogues, storyboard and graphic design: Michel Ocelot
Synopsis co-written with Bénédicte Galup, Susie Morgenstern and Cendrine Maubourguet
Assistant director: Jean-Claude Charles
Original music score: Thibault Agyeman
Animation studio: Mac Guff Ligne
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CESAR Nomination for the Best Animated Film, Paris (France), 2013

Other awards and selection
  • International Animated Film Festival, Stuttgart (Germany), 2013
  • Children and Young People Jury Award for the Best Animated Feature Film, Nueva Mirada International Film Festival, Buenos-Aires (Argentina), 2014
  • "Golden Kite" for the Best Animated Film, Nueva Mirada International Film Festival, Buenos-Aires (Argentina), 2014

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