Video clip made for the Icelandic singer (2007)

One of the wonderful people I was able to meet through the success of my Kirikou film was Björk. She and her young daughter love my black baby and Björk wanted me to do the music video of her new album. She was daring as usual and asked me, a non-specialist, to do the job. She gave me total freedom, and never checked on what I was doing. That was mad! Another crazy thing: once we agreed on this job, I told her collaborators that I could start shooting in June. I was asked to deliver in May. Since it was for Björk, I accepted to deliver one month before shooting…I was able to do a rush job thanks to live action. At the time, I was in the middle of auditioning dancers for the musical "Kirikou and Karaba", and since Björk came to me because of Kirikou, I offered her Legrand Bemba-Debert, the gorgeous dancer who plays Kirikou on stage. I added all kinds of special effects, do-it-yourself tricks, digital animations and traditional animation techniques. I mainly used black silhouettes, as I knew very well all the shortcuts it could offer. We delivered on time, and Björk expressed her enthusiasm..
Little Indian Limited
This video clip is included in the DVD "The Hidden Treasures of Michel Ocelot".
Technical data
Mixed animation techniques
Screening format: DVD
Language: English
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