Animated TV series, 10 episodes of 13 mn (2010)

Every night, a girl, a boy and an old technician meet in a small derelict movie theatre, full of wonders. The three friends invent, gather information, draw, dress up and become the heroes of a new story.
• The Monsters' Mistress
A small tribe lives in deep underground caves. This tribe is totally subjected to the every whim of some monsters. A young girl, who is somewhat rebellious and ill treated by her peers, thinks she is the weakest one of all. But a tiny animal tell her a secret that she finds very hard to believe...
• The Sorcerer's Apprentice
A boy is looking for a job. A Persian sorcerer offers to teach him his craft. The boy gets into sorcery with a passion. Little does he imagine the sorcerer’s horrific projects for his gifted apprentice…
• The Werewolf
Two sisters are in love with the same handsome knight. The elder conquers the young man's heart, driving the younger girl to despair. But the Prince charming has a terrible secret...
• Tom-tom Boy
A boy keeps drumming all day long on whatever comes his way and he drives people crazy. His dream is to have a real tom-tom, or even better, the Magical Tom-Tom that makes anyone you wish dance.
• The Little Cobbler's Bridge
A young cobbler dreams everynight of a treasure on a magnificent bridge. His girlfriend urges him to leave their poor village and go into the wide world in search of the bridge of his dreams and its treasure.
• The Boy who Never Lied
A talking horse is astonishing, less so however than a boy who never lies. The king of Tibet bets that no one can ever make his young stable boy lie while his royal cousin bets the opposite. And the latter has a dreadful secret weapon: his irresistible and merciless daughter.
• The Chosen Girl of the Golden City
A solemn ceremony is held to elect the most beautiful girl in the city. A young stranger falls in love at first sight with the chosen one. But everything in this city puzzles him, until he finds out what is really happening.
• Ti Jean and the Beauty not Known
In the West Indies, a carefree boy walks about whistling happily. He enters a cave, and goes down and down, much deeper than he had ever imagined. But he never looses his confidence, even in hell.
• The Ship's Boy and the She-Cat
The only comfort of a cabin boy on a pirate ship is a she-cat. While sailors and the captain bully him, he dreams only of living on the land in a pretty house with a garden...
• Ivan Tsarevitch and the Changing Princess
The father of young Tsarevitch is dying. Only three golden plums from the Garden Tsar could save him. But there are so many hardships to overcome, and so many cruel tsars to meet, not to mention the Changing Princess, who makes a madman of any man who approaches...
The reason I used black silhouettes in the past was because I had no money and this technique was the cheapest. When success came, I did not have to bother about these terrible financial problems.  But I came back to the black silhouettes, simply because I enjoyed it and I wanted to get back to an intense and stylized image. This continued collection is entirely digital, but the rule was to preserve the innocence, the simplicity and the cheerfulness of the former papercut. The computer gave me the possibility to insert gleaming decors which I could not obtain with water-color on translucent paper. The pen tablet makes all types of orgy possible, and we indulged in everyone of them. But first, I feel like telling you my stories
Nord-Ouest Films, co-produced with Canal+ and Studio O
World sales: StudioCanal
Technical data
Technique: CGI animation
Image format: 1,77
Screening format: DVD and digital TV
Languages: French, English
Director: Michel Ocelot
Screenplay, storyboard and graphic design: Michel Ocelot
Assistant director: Eric Serre
Original music score: Christian Maire
Animation studio: Nord-Ouest Films
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Special Award for the best TV series, International Animation Film Festival, ANNECY (France), 2010

Other awards and selections
  • Golden Star for the Best TV series, International Animation Festival « Cinéma dans les Etoiles », Saint-Laurent le Minier (France), 2013
  • Anima Mundi, International Animated Film Festival, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), 2010
  • Diverciné, International Children's Film Festival, Montevideo (Uruguay), 2010
  • International Animated Film Festival, Hiroshima (Japan), 2010
  • International Film Festival of Abitibi-Temiscamingue, Quebec (Canada), 2010
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