101 mn animated feature film (2006)

Once upon a time, in a green and pleasant land, lived blue-eyed blond Azur, son of a nobleman, and brown-skinned and dark-haired Asmar, son of the wet nurse, who raised the boys like brothers. Life intervenes and brutally severs their friendship.
But Azur does not forget his childhood companion nor the stories his nurse used to tell far across the sea. When he grows up, he sets off to the land of his dreams, in search of the Djinn Fairy. He meets up again with Asmar, who is also determined to find and conquer the Fairy, braving all the dangers and witchcraft of a fantastic world.
So many pleasures: discovering CGI technology and working unconstrained, with a marvellous team and a significant budget, that opened doors to all kinds of refinements.
—What is the country where Azur finds Asmar and his mother?
I was very careful not to favor one country over another, but I mainly targeted the three Maghreb countries, which have special links with France. I added details that I liked, such as a mosque in Istanbul for the palace of the Djinn Fairy (this is not a detail) and the beautiful costume of Asmar at the end, which comes directly from Persian miniatures. I also use beautiful Andalusian architectures, which have been part of the Moroccan empire.
Nord-Ouest Films, co-produced with Mac Guff Ligne, Studio O, France 3 Cinéma, Rhônes Alpes Cinéma, Artemis Productions, S2 international, Zahorimedia, Intuitions Films and Lucky Red.
DistributionWorld sales: Wildbunch
Technical data
Technique: CGI animation
Image format: 1,85
Screening formats: 35 mm and DCP, DVD and Blu-Ray
Languages: English, French, German, Spanish
Director: Michel Ocelot
Screenplay, dialogues, storyboard and graphic design: Michel Ocelot
Assistant director: Eric Serre
Original music score: Gabriel Yared
Animation studio: Mac Guff Ligne
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Director's Fortnight, CANNES FESTIVAL (France), 2006
GOYA's nomination for Best Animated Film, Madrid (Spain), 2008

  • Best Feature Film, Children’s Film Festival, London (UK), 2006
  • Golden Goats, Best Animated Feature Film, Ale Kino, Poznan (Poland), 2006
  • Grand Prize-Best Feature Film, Animafest, Zagreb (Croatia), 2007
  • Barrilete de Oro, Best Children Feature Film, International Film Festival Nueva Mirada for Youth and Children, Buenos Aires (Argentina), 2007
  • Animovi Prize for Best Animated Feature Film, International Animated Film Festival, Stuttgart (Germany), 2007
  • Audience Prize, Sprockets, International Children Film Festival, Toronto (Canada), 2007
  • Young Jury Prize, DiverCine, International Children Film Festival, Saragossa (Spain), 2014
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