75 mn animated feature film (2011)

Every night, a girl, a boy and an old technician meet in a small derelict movie theatre brimful of wonders. The three friends invent stories, get information, make drawings, dress up and become the heroes of new adventures on magical nights where everything is possible — sorcerers and fairies, mighty kings and stableboys, werewolves and merciless beauties, cathedrals and straw huts, golden cities and deep forests, streams of harmony from huge choirs and spells cast by a single tom-tom, evil that devastates and innocence that prevails…
6 tales: 
・ The Werewolf
・ Tijean and the Beauty not Known
・ The Chosen Girl of the Golden City
・ Tom-tom Boy
・ The Boy who Never Lied
・ The Doe Girl and the Architect's Son.
My comeback to the silhouette tales with "Dragons and Princesses" was proposed to a TV channel. When the producers saw the first two tales, they exclaimed: "But, this is cinema !". I answered : "What did you expect?!". So we decided to have a cinema release. I used that to explore a new game, stereoscopy. In the ten existing stories, I chose 5 tales which I knew would be perfect for 3D, and I created a sixth tale, specifically for this format. The distributors gave it a new title, "Tales of the Night". An anecdote about this feature film: the screenplays of these little stories date back to when "nobody wanted me", or my tales. I tend to never give up and eventually the film came out. In 2011, the world-famous Berlin festival selected my film for competition, the only one out of the whole French production.
Nord-Ouest Films, co-produced with StudioCanal and Studio O
DistributionWorld sales: StudioCanal
French cultural network: Institut Français and ifcinéma
Technical dataTechnique: CGI animation
Image format: 1,77
Screening formats: 35 mm and DCP (2D and 3D), DVD (2D and 3D) and Blu-Ray (2D and 3D)
Languages: French, Japanese
Subtitles: Brazilian, English, Japanese, Spanish, Ukrainian, Arabic
Director: Michel Ocelot
Screenplay, dialogues, storyboard and graphic design: Michel Ocelot
Assistant director: Eric Serre
Original music score: Christian Maire
Animation studio: Nord-Ouest Films
Stereoscopy: Mac Guff Ligne
Download full credits (in French)

Nominated at the 61st BERLINALE edition, Berlin International Film Festival (Germany), 2011

Other awards and selections
  • Castello d’Argento, Castellinaria, International Children's Film Festival, Bellinzona (Switzerland), 2011
  • Premio Minicastellinaria, Castellinaria, International Children's Film Festival, Bellinzona (Switzerland), 2011
  • Special Jury Prize, International Children's Film Festival, Hyderabad (India),2011
  • International Film Festival, Thessalonique (Greece), 2011
  • London Film festival, British Film Institute, London (UK), 2011
  • International French Film Festival, Tüebingen-Stuttgart (Germany), 2011
  • French Film Festival, Lisbon (Portugal), 2011
  • International Film Festival, Mostra, Sao Paulo (Brazil), 2011
  • International Film Festival of Catalogna, Sitges (Spain), 2011
  • French Cinepanorama, Hong-Kong, 2011
  • International Film Festival, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, 2011
  • International Film Festival, Durban (South Africa), 2011
  • International Animated Film's Voices festival, Port Leucate (France), 2011
  • International Film Festival, Melbourne (Australia), 2012
  • International Film Festival, Istanbul (Turkey), 2012
  • Rendez-vous with French Cinema, London and Edinburg (UK), 2012
  • The Alliance Française French Film Festival, Australia, 2012
  • French Film Festival in Greece, 2012
  • Francophone Film Days, Budapest (Hungary), 2012
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