70 mn animated feature film (2000)

In a derelect cinema that seems abandonned, a boy, a girl and an old technician meet every night. They work on ideas, documentation, disguise and act any new story that takes their fancy.
• The Princess of Diamonds
A princess is struck by a curse and held captive in a secret place. You know that you're getting close to her, when you find diamonds in the grass. But every prince who has tried to release her from custody has disappeared without a trace...
• The Fig Boy
Egypt. A dreaming penniless Fellah, a miraculous fig tree that bears fruits in winter, an all powerful beautiful queen, even more sumptuous gifts, a treacherous steward, a fearsome papyrus and an unexpected twist.
• The Witch
The Middle Ages. No one has yet been able to break into the witch's castle: she rips to pieces all the mighty princes who try to take it over. A boy, perched in a tree, is watching: he declares that he is going to go in and win the princess. Everybody laughs at him.
• The Old Lady's Coat
In Hokusai Japan, a sweet old lady, keen on poetry, is going home at night. A robber follows her to steal her coat. But the old lady has unsuspected resources and the man is about to spend a night he will never forget.
• The Cruel Queen and the Fabulo Trainer
Science-fiction. A cruel queen kills her suitors with her "megaradar" and its deadly ray. A humble fabulo trainer (a fabulo is a strange little creature that sings) wants to take up the challenge and marry her.
• Prince and Princess
In a romantic park, a romantic prince begs a romantic princess to give him a kiss. She agrees, but she has scruples. Will romanticism survive?
 Here we have 6 tales using shadow theatre, from the 8 stories of the Cine Si collection. Marc Bonny, who distributed Kirikou in France, knew these old films and wanted to release them after "Kirikou and the Sorceress", riding on the crest of its planned success. It was a real pleasure to show these unknown short films, made with much passion, in the middle of the countryside. Years later, this film is still distributed and achieves impressive audience figures.
Les Armateurs, co-produced with La Fabrique, Gebeka and Studio O
World sales: Les Armateurs
French cultural network: Institut Français
Technical dataTechniques: Silhouette, cut paper
Image format: 1,66
Screening formats: DCP, 35 mm and DVD
Langages: French, Italian
Sub-titles: English, Arabic, Spanish
Director: Michel Ocelot
Screenplay, dialogues, storyboard and graphic design: Michel Ocelot
Production manager: Mireille Roulet
Original music score: Christian Maire
Animation studio: La Fabrique
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SACD Cinema Prize, Paris (France), 2000
1st Prize, Children's Jury for the best animated feature film, CICFF International Children's Festival, Chicago (United States), 2001
1st Prize, Adult Jury for the best animated feature film, CICFF International Children's Festival, Chicago (United States), 2001

Other awards
  • Andersen Prize, International Festival of Sestri Levante (Italy), 2000
  • Best Film for children, Würzburg International Filmweekend, Würzburg (Germany), 2001
  • OCIC Jury Special Prize, International Festival of Mar Del Plata (Argentina)
  • French Film Festival of Cuba, feature film category, Havana (Cuba), 2014

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